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Courses Dealing with non physics/math courses

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    I have somehow managed to accomplish A's in every course that I have taken so far. The humanaties course that I am taking this semester is about to end soon and I fear that there is a possibility that I will get a B. My math calculates my grade out just under the border from an A.

    The only thing left is the Final, and the Professor is very particular. I probably have the highest grade in the class, but that just does not seem to be enough to get an A. All of his questions are ambigious, rather than asking direct questions, he picks things for the tests that are opinion based. Basically, your opinion must match his in order to get the question right. Everytime we review a test, 90% of the class objects to the "correct" answer on 5 or 6 of his questions, it's almost like he hasn't read the material himself in 50 years.

    I am certainly not placing the blame on him, I am sure that I can work harder, but I always encounter a question where there could legitimately be 2 different answers. To make things worse, they are multiple choice questions, so it is impossible to explain my answer. His "opinion" is often different from the opinions of "expert critics" on the subjects too.

    How do you deal with courses that you just have no interest in? How much impact will these grades have on me? Do schools take into account what type of classes each grade contributing towards your GPA are?

    To top things off, I won't be able to re-take the course with a different professor because my financial aid will not pay for it unless I basically fail the class. I am almost tempted to just bomb the Final and hope that it damages my grade enough to score a D, and then re-take it with a professor who is more realistic. I honestly don't know how this guy has a job.
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    No graduate school will care if you got a B in one humanities class as long as your math and science grades are As. If you're consistently getting Cs or Ds in gen. ed. classes, then it might be an issue, but one B is irrelevant.
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