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Courses Dedicated course on optics during my physics major

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    I've been planning out my future coursework and it seems unlikely that I'll be able to take a dedicated course on optics during my physics major.

    Therefore, I'm hoping for some suggestions about Optics textbooks that would make a good reference for self-study during the summer. I'm a junior and have already taken the "core courses" (classical mechanics, QM, E&M) in the major, but I've found my understanding of optics is quite limited during my lab work.

    Thanks in advance.
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    If you are buying save some money and get one of the older editions. Nothing has changed except it's 50% in pages with unecessary extra pictures.

    For practical optics (optical instrumentation), pretty much anything by Warren J Smith.
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    Dr Transport

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    Hecht wrote the Schaum's....it parallels Hecht and Zajak and is a lot cheaper.
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    I guess you don't need any more replies but just in case you need further backing up: Hecht.

    BTW, I feel your pain; my undergrad class in optics only covered geometrical optics. Sigh....
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    I hated Hecht with passion.
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