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Defenition of prior austenite grain boundary

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    What is prior austenite grain boundary?Grain boundary and prior austenite grain boundary are same terminology or different?I am confused:confused:

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    The prior austenite grain boundary would be the grain boundary of the parent austenite grain.

    Perhaps this will help:
    Ref: http://www.metallography.com/grain.htm

    From the previous paragraph in the cited page -
    See also
    Ref: http://www.metallography.com/types.htm

    Some significance and relevance -
    http://www.vacaero.com/Metallography-with-George-Vander-Voort/Metallography-with-George-Vander-Voort/martensite-and-retained-austenite.html [Broken]
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    Thanks astronuc for the reply.Is it possible to visible prior austenite grain boundary in a ferrite+pearlite microstructure?I read somewhere that during austenite decomposition, further nucleation is happening in austenite grain boundary.

    PS:Prior austenite grain boundary term is used in martensite microstructure.
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