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Degree choice: Is IT and Science just too hard to even bother?

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    Hello ..
    I'm currently trying to choose my degree course and I'm having difficulty in knowing what to do. I know this will sound stupid but I'm terrified of taking IT and/or Science in University and failing in it. Technology in particular because Maths is hard to me and many if not all IT courses requires one to actually have at least a strong interest in the subject.

    Should I just stick with humanities? Is it even worth attempting to take any of those subjects when the chance of failure is high? No offence to anyone but my Maths teacher made a career in IT and Science sound like something only for really really smart people

    Thank you for any and all answers/information you provide.

    Edit: I realise I should have included my subjects in A Level.
    History, Government and Politics and Maths with an AS in Business
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    Welcome to the forums!

    I don't know what you're expecting people to say..? It's a personal thing. How much work would you be willing to put in? Success in science needs some smarts, but you don't need to be a genius. Hard work can go a long way in the sciences.

    How did your maths A level go? No AS levels in any sciences?
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    How bad do you want it?
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    Sorry, I was sorta talking to myself there rather than it being an actual question.

    B in Maths
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    I don't think IT requires much math. But computer science does.

    Although I must admit I've never done IT.

    Anyway, if you're not good at math, I would avoid the physical sciences. And I think most life and social science program require you to take stats. Which probably isn't as bad.
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    B in Maths is good! You would have to try very hard to fail an IT degree with that set of marks. In any case - do what you're interested in. You only live once! I used to teach History graduates on an MSc IT conversion course and they didn't suffer much through lack of Maths skills (and I doubt any had a B at A level!) I've spent most of my career working in, or near, IT, and they certainly aren't, in general, the brightest people I've ever met. Some are. But most aren't - it doesn't take a genius IQ to nurse a UNIX server...
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