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Courses Degree requirement courses full already!

  1. Jul 6, 2010 #1
    Ok, so I'm an engineering student, and I'm going into my second year.
    I did not too badly in the first year, walking away with a gpa = 2.9
    however, I did fail two courses. These courses are pass/fail and credit only, with only 1 lecture a week -- they do not count towards gpa.
    registration @ my school began yesterday at 06:00 -- and these courses are full.
    What if these courses fill up like this every year?

    So, my question is this: do you think I can talk them into oversubscribing the class?
    If so, does anyone have any good arguements?

    Or, should I just wait till next year and register the instant I can?
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    Talk with your adviser. They can do more for you then someone over the internet who doesn't have a clue what your schools policies are.
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    Converse with the professor(s) that impart the class. Some professors do not mind having 2-3 extra students.
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    Do you guys have a waitlist system? I find that class fill up fast early on but many people end up dropping before the class even starts. My calc class has like a huge wait list. I was like number 13 and still got in. (they expanded the class a bit as well)
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