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Dehydrogenation of Alkanes & Alkenes

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    By hydrogenation, alkynes form alkenes and alkenes form alkanes but I need the reverse process i.e preparation of alkenes from alkanes and alkynes from alkenes..........
    I have found a reaction for dehydrogenation of alkenes at Wikipedia but I am not sure if it works for all alkenes: QUOTE
    "n-pentane and isopentane can be converted to pentene and isopentene using chromium (III) oxide as a catalyst at 500 °C."

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    Yes Chromium oxide reaction is valid for all alkanes. In fact, many metal (III) oxides are capable of producing such reactions on specific compounds. Examples are Aluminum and Iron (III) oxide.

    If it isn't compulsory to use a one step process, you can use elimination reaction to obtain unsaturated hydrocarbons from haloalkanes.
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    Plz provide the reaction with complete conditions...
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