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Delinquent Taxpayers: Why aren't they arrested?

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    I was reading an article today about Wisconsin's tax "Wall of Shame". The article was interestingly enough about two NBA stars, Latrell Sprewell and Anthony Mason who are in the top three. Anyway, so the list is pretty staggering. I don't understand why these people are allowed to skip paying taxes. Why aren't these people arrested? Seems these people have been on the list for years.

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    Your link doesn't work for me Greg.
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    Some of them are already in prison. Some of them are companies which have already gone under. As for Sprewell, so long as he avoids the Land of Cheese and Bratwurst, how can they arrest him?
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    So to avoid taxes all I need to do is move to a different state every few years? Not bad! :wink:
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    An arrest order in one state must be honored by another which then extradites the person. It's in the Constitution.
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    Wesley Snipes is in jail for not paying his taxes, so not everyone who does it gets away with it. 'Course that was FEDERAL taxes. Tougher rap to beat.
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    This is amazing. I had no idea people lived in Wisconsin.
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    Eleven million illegal aliens working in this country, half of all homicides routinely going unsolved, and you ask why some delinquent tax payers aren't in prison? I suspect largely because they can't pay the government from a prison cell.
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    Actually, my understanding is is that there are a LOT more there (several dozen at least) than there are in North Dakota (about a dozen).
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