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Delocalized electron in cyclohexene?

  1. Jul 20, 2012 #1
    Is there any?
    I was taught that for delocalization of electron to occur, pi bond must be present.
    But when i did a question on it, it says that there is no delocalization on cyclohexene.

    Anyone mind teaching me how and why it occur?And how to identify delocalization of electrons?
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    Electrons are delocalized in benzene because a pi-bond NETWORK is created (if you want to draw the resonance structure of benzene, you'll see what I mean). In cyclohexene, there is only one pi-bond and so the electrons in that pi-bond are localized between those two carbon atoms.
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    Pardon me,but if there are two double bond side by side,then will there by delocalization?
    And does delocalization= conductivity (which mean cyclohexene can't conduct electricity)????
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