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Density-density interaction in Luttinger liquids

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    Hi, i'm reading ad article of Lal et al (junction of several weakly interaction quantum wires: a renormalization group study). It's quite cleare but there are some row i'm not good to understand. Could someone help me to understand how obtain equation (6) from equation (4)? I don't know how to obtain from a double integral in x and y a single integral in x under the assumption of a finite range potential.

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    Looks like you could solve it by Fourier transform, and then take only the Fourier components of the potential V(0) and V(2kf) to be nonzero. Then transform it back.
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    Agree with OhYoungLions.

    Fourier transformation.

    The variable x in Eq. (6) strictly accords with momentum space。
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