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Derivation of Time Dependent Schrodinger Equation

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    Hi All,
    I have problem in understanding one step in the derivation of the time dependent Schrodinger Equation. Please see attached file page 2 (marked in red). Most grateful if someone can help!
    Peter Yu
    (This is from Quantum Mechanics The Theoretical Minimum Page 99-102)

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    ## (I+i\epsilon H^\dagger)(I-i\epsilon H)=I \Rightarrow I-i\epsilon H+i\epsilon H^\dagger +\epsilon^2H^\dagger H =I \Rightarrow -i\epsilon H+i\epsilon H^\dagger +\epsilon^2H^\dagger H =0##
    Now if you ignore the ##\epsilon^2## term and divide by ##i\epsilon##, you get what you're after.
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    Hi Shyan,
    Many Many thank for your help!!
    Peter Yu
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