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Derive an expression for the tension in the cord

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    A rock with mass m = 3.10 kg is suspended from the roof of an elevator by a light cord. The rock is totally immersed in a bucket of water that sits on the floor of the elevator, but the rock doesn't touch the bottom or sides of the bucket.

    Here is the part that I am stuck on:
    Derive an expression for the tension in the cord when the elevator is accelerating upward with an acceleration of magnitude a .

    I have concluded that

    Or force of the body-force of the water displaced but it is incorrect.
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    For an observer in elevator, rock is in equilibrium. Net force is zero.




    mg: weight
    ma: inertia force
    T: tension
    F: the lift of water
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    Doc Al

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    Show how you arrived at this answer. (How does the acceleration of the elevator affect the buoyant force?)
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