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Homework Help: Deriving the cooridinate numbers of both ions in rock salt

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    How would I go about deriving the cooridinate numbers of both ions in rock salt, and,
    how could I account for the differences in lattice enthalpy between the following;

    LiCl (861 kJ/mole) - NaCl (787)
    LiCl - LiF (1046)
    LiCl - MgO (3850)

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    We can not help until you first show us what effort you have made. Please read the posting guidelines (see "Rules" on top of page).
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    Well I do know that a coordinate number is the number of atoms surrounding an atom in a solid state lattice

    And for the second bit, I assume LiCl would have a larger lattice energy due to the greater difference in electronegativity of both consituents, similiar with the next one. Not sure about the last one.
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