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Design -- horizontal I-beam with center loading...

  1. Jul 21, 2016 #1
    I have an i-beam placed horizontally and i want to apply 1 ton point load on its center. Now i will run a stress analysis on ansys on it and will get the displacement in the beam on the mentioned load. How will i know tht the displacement value i am getting is good or bad?
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    Yes it is. But i am asking tht when i find the deflection. How would i know that the deflection value is good or bad?
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    If your simulation result agrees with an analytic solution then it's good.
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    Thts alrite. I find deflection analytically and thru ansys and both values validate eachother. But tht wud not be the measure tht specific amount of deflection is good for the beam or not ?
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    I beams are generally used in applications where only very small deflections are acceptable .

    0.33% of beam length between supports is a commonly used limit for general engineering .

    There are code requirements for maximum deflection of beams used in structural engineering .

    Really though it is a matter of engineering judgement - what deflection is acceptable for your application ?

    In any case I strongly advise you to get a qualified engineer to validate your design .
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    “0.33 % of beam length”.can you please tell me the source of this info?
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