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Design of forced ventilation system for gas reciprocating engine

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    Here is the real life problem I am facing:

    Gas reciprocating engine is situated in an engine room. The engine is primarily cooled by jacket water flowing to remote radiator. The engine surface must also be cooled by forced convection to maintain max air inlet temp of 40C. Ambient can reach as high as 40C as this is a tropical climate.

    How do I size a ventilation fan for this set-up? What inputs do I need to start calculating? Where should I locate the ventilation fan?
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    If the ambient temperature can reach your max air inlet temperature, simply pushing more air into the engine room will not help. Can you use the cooling water to cool the inlet air?
    Your engine room will get heated by the engine, even if it has a water jacket, so generous venting will be needed just to make it humanly tolerable, but don't be surprised if the room is at 50C on warm days, with venting. So you will want a precooler for the intake air.
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