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Homework Help: Determine the horizontal distance that the ball traveled

  1. Apr 12, 2015 #1
    • New member warned about not using the homework template
    My teacher never taught us any of this. She just gave us a worksheet, and told us to solve it. I need to know how to solve this for a quiz tomorrow. Problem: Matt hits a baseball with an initial speed of 125 feet per second at an angle of 40 degrees to the horizontal. The ball was hit at a height of 3 feet off the ground. Determine the horizontal distance that the ball traveled.

    So I came up with the equations, but I don't know if they're right.
    Y=-16t^2 +125sin40t+3
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    Hello Jaejoong. Welcome to PF .

    In the future please use the template that appears when you open a Thread.

    Those equations should be useful in helping you solve this problem.

    You can use the equation for Y to find the amount of time that the baseball is in flight.

    From that, X gives the horizontal distance.

    Be careful to use the correct order of operations.

    Y = -16t2 +125(sin40°)t + 3

    X = 125(cos40°)t

    Is this for an Algebra class or for a Physics class?
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    This is for a precalc class
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