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Homework Help: Determine the magnitude of the tension in the clotheline

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    a single clotheline is attached to two poles 10 m apart. A pulley with a mass of 294N/Fg rolls down to the middle of the line. the middle is 0.4 m below each end. Determine the magnitude of the tension in the clotheline.

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution
    I have made a right angle triangle and then used the ratios 0.4 and 5 m to find the force of the adjacent side of the triangle. then i use the given 294N and the adjacent 3675N in the pythagorean theorem. i get 3686.74N but the answer is 1800N rounded. which is half of my answer.
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    Hi stateofdogma, welcome to PF.
    Since the pulley is free to move on the cloth line, tension in the two segments of the cloth line must be the same. It θ is the angle between the vertical and the segment, then
    2*T*cosθ = mg.
    Here cosθ = 0.4/5. mg is given. find T.
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    Thanks for the homework help.
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    this is a question which i figured out on my second try. two burger patties, in contact with each other are being pushed across a grill. the masses are 113g and 139g, a force of 0.0538N is used on the larger patty. I figured out the acceleration was 0.213m/s^2 by dividing the force by the masses. But the second part asks for the magnitude of the force exerted by each of the burger on the other. the answer is the acceleration multiplied by the 113g which is 0.0241N. the problem is i dont understand why
    thanks in advance
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