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Homework Help: Determine Transformer KVA output and Power Factor

  1. Mar 27, 2008 #1
    1. Two transformers T1 and T2 in parallel supply a common load at a lagging pf of 0.8, their per unit impedance are 0.04+j0.09 and 0.01+j0.07 at the same kva ratings of 3000KVA each and load power = 5500KVA

    Determine the kva output of each transfromer and power factor

    This is how i worked it:
    Zb= 0.01+j0.07

    Za/(Za+Zb)= 0.048<66.04/0.168<72.65
    Sa=5500<-36.86*0.423<9.21 = 2326<-27.65
    Sb= 5500<-36.86*0.286<-6.61 = 1573<-43.47

    Sa+Sb gives a total of 3899kva which is wrong!
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  3. Apr 15, 2008 #2
    Za should be .098<66.04

    Why is it Za/(Za+Zb) don' understand this part.

  4. Apr 16, 2008 #3
    Za/Za+Zb is the ratio of Za to the total load
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