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Determining Acid/Base Strength and Ionization

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    I know how to do it one way, which is write down the chemical formula, balance it, and from the molarity of the products/reactants you calculate your H3O or OH concentrations and go on, but it seems to take forever. This is worse when I need to calculate pH for a whole list of different chemicals. Is there a quicker way?

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    Yes and no.

    No - there are no other methods, you have to always start from the beginning. For more complicated cases you may check pH calculation lectures, but don't expect miracles.

    Yes - there are programs like , that will speed up the process if you have many compounds to go through.

    Note, that if it is a homework, you should do it the old fashioned way to gain speed and confidence. Otherwise you will always have troubles with calculations.
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    Well, it seems I have little choice but to go through the long process. Once again, many thanks Borek.
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