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Homework Help: Determining binding energy from latent heat of vaporization

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    The measured value of the latent heat of vaporization of argon (at 1 atm) is
    6.43 kJ/mol. Use this to estimate the binding energy.

    (Given answer: 0.059 eV)

    [Boiling point @ 1atm: 87.3K]

    My initial approach was that since 6,430 joules worth of bonds had to be broken for a mole of Argon to vaporize, then to obtain the binding energy I could just divide the latent heat by the number of molecules in a mole. This gave me an incorrect answer of .067 eV and is clearly an oversimplified approach.

    Any thoughts?

    Edit: Never mind I got it.

    I forgot to subtract the work that goes into the expansion of the gas, and that it's the change in internal energy that's at question.
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