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Detonate a 150 Kilotons nuclear bomb 77M underground

  1. Oct 30, 2011 #1
    If I detonate a 150 Kilotons nuclear bomb 77M underground what would be the radius of the E.M.P. effect above ground ? If the nature of the soil change the result than give me a couple of soil example like rock, granite, etc... I was assuming that there would be no E.M.P. effect or very short distance effect but someone is arguing with me there would be one so tell me the truth !
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    Re: E.m.p.

    A nuclear weapon detonated on the surface or underground will generate no HEMP (High-altitude EMP) with long range effects, but will generate SREMP (Source Region EMP), which can be very powerful, but very limited in range, perhaps a kilometer or two. Glasstone's The Effects Of Nuclear Weapons is an excellent official DOD source for SREMP effects.
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