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  1. DennisN

    News Atomic Veterans talk after 50 Years (video)

    This is one of the most powerful and incredible short movies I have ever seen. (I got the link to it from a friend today.) It contains clips of interviews of American soldiers who were exposed to real nuclear detonations. What they have to say is terrifying, intense and important. That's all I...
  2. Metals

    B Uranium bomb?

    Now I'm familiar with how nuclear fission works to produce thermal energy and alpha/ beta/gamma radiation, but how do they work in the bomb? When is the high energy neutron fired into the uranium-235, and when does the chain reaction producing the heat begin? Why is it that there's a huge...
  3. Alpha123

    At what angle should the bomb be released?

    Homework Statement There is a plane flying at 200 km/h and wants to drop a bomb on a car traveling 130 km/h which is 78.0m below the plane. at what angle should the bomb be released? the answer is 45 degrees. Homework Equations sine law: SinA/a= SinB/b cosine law: a^2=b^2+c^2+bcCosA v=d/t...
  4. AdityaDev

    Ring of smoke after bomb blast

    I attended the navy day celebrations and the marine commandos demonstrated a bomb blast by setting a time bomb in a small installation at the middle of the sea. The commandos dived from their boat and set the explosives from underwater. After the explosion, what I saw first was a cloud of black...