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Developing Pump Performance Curves

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    Hi Folks;

    I am developing a series of pump performance curves for pulp slurries. I am running a closed-loop Lab-Scale pipeline facility. My question is about measuring head vs. flow rate at constant RPMs. I did it for pure water by continuously feeding the system with water, and gradually opening the discharge valve of the loop, while the RPM was kept constant, to record data for various flow rates. However, I can not do it for slurry, as I can't discharge it.

    I see people have done it in papers, but I do not know how. I would really appreciate if you could help me. So here I rewrite the question:

    On a closed-loop pipeline, how can I gradually increase/decrease the flow rate, while keeping the pump RPM constant ?

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    Use a bigger pump and translate your results with the pump scaling laws?
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