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A performance is an act of staging or presenting a play, concert, or other form of entertainment. It is also defined as the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function.

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  1. T

    Calculating Area of a Tesla Turbine | Power Output Formula

    Found this paper regarding performance of Tesla turbine. At the page 23, a formula regarding possible power output from a Tesla turbine is given. But, I want to know how to deduce the area given the formula. Tesla turbines are discs placed one after another with specific gaps in between the...
  2. S

    What is causing high disk usage and slowing down my Windows 10 computer?

    Lately it seems my Windows 10 computer been getting more and more sluggish. Checking on the task manager, it appears that the disk usage almost constantly stays at 100%, and that the System task is the biggest consumer. It is backing out applications I am using at the time. Is this normal...
  3. abdulbadii

    Galvanized Steel vs High Carbon Steel: Mechanical Performance

    In what condition and how definitively galvanized steel is lower in mechanical performance and counts to be ruled out replacing high carbon steel ?
  4. PainterGuy

    For embedded systems, the highest performance levels are not always needed....

    Hi, I need to clarify few points about the text quoted below. I'd appreciate it if you could help me with the queries. Source: Computer Applications to Library By Kole Lambert, Page #169 Question 1: It says, "For embedded systems, the highest performance levels are often not needed or...
  5. W

    Heat Engine Efficiency: How Ice Water Affects Performance

    Consider mixing ice water with the hot water and vice versa so that the two reservoirs are closer to the same temperature. What will happen to the mechanical/thermodynamic efficiency and ideal Carnot efficiency of a heat engine?
  6. G

    Can electricity enhance physical performance?

    I am comic fan There are several fiction character with electricity ability. Like Sasuke and Kakashi from Naruto , and Killua Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter, they use membrane concept of electricity to cover their bodies, which helps the electric nerve pulses to run at the electrical membrane...
  7. M

    Schools Can I recover from this poor performance in my 5th semester?

    I currently attend a very large state school which is one of the best physics schools in the state, and I'd say ~top 50 in the USA, and I am working towards an honors bachelors of science in physics. I am in my 5th semester, which at my university means E/M I, CM I, Math Methods II, as my core...
  8. questionmonkey123

    Will this increase the Coefficient of performance of my refrigerator?

    If I orient my refrigerator such that the condenser coils at the back are facing a glass door (least insulation in room, cold outdoors) will CP increase? CP=Qc/(Qh-Qc) so Qh-Qc will be smaller thus CP larger. Could this damage refrigerator?
  9. KyleGranger

    Best high performance computer build for finite element simulations

    I want to build a high performance computer optimized for FEA. If anyone has any suggestions or experience with this, please chime in. I'm looking for suggestions on processors, RAM, video card, ALL of it!
  10. bardia sepehrnia

    Engineering Carnot Cycle and Coefficient of Performance

    I think I calculated part a correctly by extracting the cp (specific heat) of water from the table which is 4.188 Then calculated Q_dot by simply using the equation Q=m*c*deltaT=10.47kW But I am stuck at part b, I know that the heat extracted from the water is the same as Q_L (rate of heat...
  11. M

    MHB Testing the Assumption of Car Model's km/L Performance

    Hey! :giggle: Some people assume that a specific car model does at least $\mu_0=120$ km with $1$ Lt benzin. $10$ independent tests give the following results: $$104, \ 96, \ 80, \ 100, \ 108, \ 100, \ 112, \ 120, \ 130, \ 132$$ (a) Give the Null Hypothesis $H_0$ and the alternative...
  12. sophiecentaur

    Am I unreasonable to complain about USB 3 performance?

    USB 3 was heralded as the next best thing to sliced bread and, imo, has been marketed in a not - too - honest way. It's not always as useful as the bare numbers suggest. I know the same could be said about 1GB Ethernet but Ethernet can handle all sorts of rag tag and bobtail traffic streams and...
  13. J

    China's PISA Performance: Talent or Education System?

    Is China allways first at PISA test because they have the most people in the world so statistically they must produce the most number of talent children? Or they have the best education system?
  14. PCarson85

    Multiple constraints: Connecting rods for high performance engines

    Summary:: How to combine two formulas to find the material index Attached is the problem I am having trouble understanding. I have been able to do the first two combinations by transposing for A in the mass equation then subsituting into the stress equation. The next combinations (in red box)...
  15. C

    Is Specific impulse indicative of performance as a gun propellant?

    Black powder has specific impulse of around 80s, while rocket candy has up to 130s of specific impulse. Does that mean I could replace the propellant in a BP cartridge with 80/130 of the weight in rocket candy and obtain the same performance in an idealized gun? (as in without considering...
  16. berkeman

    Automotive Placement of disc brake calipers for best performance

    I thought that there was a standard placement for disc brake calipers on the front and back wheel assemblies for high-performance sports cars. I thought that I usually saw them placed at the back of the front wheels and the front of the rear wheels, but lately I've seen the opposite and other...
  17. Bob Walance

    B Quantum computer vs supercomputer performance

    I've been learning about quantum computing for the last year and I can hardly believe what I read and hear. However, assuming that no big technical hurdles get in the way, I do think that the promises will become reality someday. It is becoming a bit clearer to me, but it's a very difficult...
  18. Alexanddros81

    Performance data of a car owned by a student....

    Hi. My question is for now why the equation of x as a function of time for phase of motion ab is ##x=50t-375##? Shouldn't that be ##x=375+50t##?
  19. O

    How to estimate the performance of a pump using Navier Stokes?

    Hello everyone, Attached is the homework problem (FluidHmk.PNG) as well as the attempt (Attempted 1 and 2). Just wanted to know if this is method to approach the problem Thanks in advance.
  20. Delta Force

    Engine Type/Configuration and Aircraft Performance

    Some jet engines have turboprop variants, and turboprops are rated in horsepower/watts just like piston engines. It's also possible for propeller engines to be mounted in puller and pusher configurations. While it's not possible to directly compare different engine types, what would happen if...
  21. F

    I Computer Performance Evaluation (CPE)

    I would like to know if there are any Physics Instructors or Professors who may believe that Queuing Theory as well as Relativity Theory may be relevant to CPE where communications platforms are moving at relativistic velocities with respect to (wrt) each other?
  22. zehkari

    Error Calculation for a Diffraction Grating's Performance

    Homework Statement I need to calculate the error of an average value (N for diffraction grating). My results were 4 different average angles. With which I calculated their uncertainty using std. Using equation (1), I found the number of lines per meter (N) with a known wavelength (λ) and the...
  23. BryanS

    I How can I compare different dogs' performance given these values?

    I haven't given much thought to the physics I studied in college a long while ago but found myself pondering some things recently and wanted to explore some thoughts... figured it might be a fun area to discuss and you might help point my brain back in a good direction... I regularly...
  24. P

    How do you reconcile performance and curiosity?

    Hello everyone! I originally decided to be a physicist when I took an online course in Astronomy which talked about the greatest unsolved mysteries of the universe. After coming to university and conducting research in Particle Physics, I think I like it better and would pursue it instead...
  25. Pattonias

    Searching for Answers on Processor Performance & Real-Time Processing

    I have a question for which I can't seem to find a satisfactory answer. We do a lot of intense real time processing of audio signals in my line of work. (Generally programmed in C) I am a mechanical engineer with only a rudimentary understanding of the process that goes on in the software for...
  26. Screwed

    How to calculate a coefficient of performance (COP)

    Homework Statement Homework Equations [/B][/B] 3. The Attempt at a Solution Here's my solution attempt: NOTE: Evolution 2 to 3 is really an isothermic process, but in the diagram shows as an politropic process. 4. Further Questions But it isn't giving me logical values of COP...
  27. qnach

    Performance of a complimentary antenna?

    Suppose the performance of an antenna is calculated. How about its complimentary antenna?
  28. Alianos

    Emission cross section and laser performance

    How does the emission cross section of an emitting atom (such as Yb atoms in glass) affect the laser performance, namely the slope efficiency (signal power vs absorbed pump power) and laser threshold? Thanks a lot
  29. J

    Simple coefficient of performance question

    Homework Statement Your company needs to install a cold room which will maintain a temperature of -15 degrees operating in a room where the temperature is 20 degrees. A new member of staff has considered the specifications of two manufacturers and asked you to check their figures. Explain what...
  30. L

    MHB Chance performance on a yes/no task where no is correct 2/3 of the time?

    Title pretty much summarizes it. I know I can use the binomial distribution to calculate the chance of equal to or fewer than a certain number correct on a yes/no task where there's a 0.5 probability of being right on any trial. But what if you have 27 Yes/No trials where Yes is the correct...
  31. Nikhil N

    Model developed from performance curves are dynamic models?

    I am trying to model a real heat exchanger in simulink. I don't have the geometry data. But I have UA curve with me. If I have developed the model with UA curve, will it be dynamic in nature?
  32. M

    MHB Performance of students - Hypothesis testing

    Hey! :o A teacher wants to find out if the order of the exam tasks has an impact on the performance of the students. Therefore, he creates two versions ($ X $ and $ Y $) of an exam in which the exam tasks are arranged differently. The versions are randomly distributed so that $ n $ students...
  33. Jason Louison

    Automotive Computer Simulation of Engine Performance

    Hello Physics Forums! After almost a year of haggling and research, I think I have successfully made a engine simulation spreadsheet! :oldbiggrin: I have simulated the Nissan KA24DE Engine with two different cam profiles: As far as I'm concerned, there is still a lot of work to be done...
  34. P

    Study of effects of temperature on steel drilling performance

    When drilling a thick peace of steel I noticed the drill bit would cut through much faster when it was cool. The difference was minutes versus seconds! Is this a known phenomena in machining or was my drill bit simply contaminated with something or maybe other factors played a role? I've heard...
  35. M

    Can surface roughness on wings improve performance

    Homework Statement I have a project to research the effect of surface roughness on wing performance. I found mostly that roughness leads to increased drag on a wing, however came across a website that briefly spoke about how recently researchers have observed how carefully selected roughness...
  36. J

    Mentality and Working Environment for Maximal Performance

    What would you think is the best mentality to have while having a career in say, HEP? What do you think of seclusion? And what would be the best working environment? Comfortable office? Collaboration? (YES!) Take mind off physics once a while?
  37. M

    Literature survey - wing surface roughness effect on performance

    Homework Statement I am currently trying to do a literature survey on my project task 'effect of wing surface roughness on wing performance'. I have been struggling to find many research papers that are of a similar experiment to mine, however i have come across many that investigate the effect...
  38. Delta Force

    Ship Performance after Reboilering

    I'm trying to do some rough estimates of how much additional performance a steam powered warship (World War I to 1950 or so) could get from receiving new engines. I'm aware that different hull designs have different impacts on drag in the water, but for the rough estimate I'm focusing on the...
  39. T

    Question about athletic performance and aging

    Are there any scientific evidence suggesting that athletes decline in athletic performance/abilities after reaching their late 30s? Such as in terms of speed, agility, reflexes, hand eye coordination, stamina and etc. If yes, what are they?
  40. M

    How do i use this performance graph

    So i have an assignment to plan a flight from Heathrow to Glasgow and I am trying to calculate the time fuel and distance for the inital climb to cruise level and departing the airport, we have been given an aircraft manual and i have found the graph attached however i have calculated the...
  41. V

    Testing wind/water turbine performance

    I'm required to test a harizontal axis turbine's performance and plot a RPM vs Power curve. The turbine is driving a small DC generator that produces 5V at the turbine's maximum RPM with no other load on the generator. I am planning on installing different sized resistors in parallel with the...
  42. E

    Coefficient of performance of refrigerator

    Homework Statement The pV-diagram in Fig. P20.51 (See attached file) shows the cycle for a refrigerator operating on 0.850 mol of H2. Assume that the gas can be treated as ideal. Process ab is isothermal. Find the coefficient of performance of this refrigerator. Homework Equations K = QC/|QH -...
  43. R

    How does pressure ratio and intercooling affect gas turbine performance?

    Hey Mech Eng Forum, I'm currently examining the performance on gas turbine and wondering: How is the performance of gas turbines (Primarily thermal efficiency and net-work output) influenced by the pressure ratio and temperature constraints? Additionally, what is the benefit of 2 stage...
  44. Usman Khan

    Is There a Minimum Cooling Water Temperature for Specific Systems?

    Is there any minimum value of cooling water temperature for a particular system? In our plant cooling water temperature is much below the normal operating range.
  45. grandpa2390

    Find Coefficient of Performance of a refrigerator

    Homework Statement I need to find the coefficient of a refrigerator that uses a monatomic gas and only has two steps. I know the: initial pressure of the refrigerant initial temperature initial volume and final pressure Every formula I know requires 4 steps or a knowledge of the outside and...
  46. Andy Resnick

    Insights New High Performance Ultra-wide Angle Lenses - Comments

    Andy Resnick submitted a new PF Insights post New High Performance Ultra-wide Angle Lenses Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  47. E

    Tracking Fusion Progress and Performance Gains

    There are a number of fusion threads, but no ongoing coverage of progress in the space, which continues apace. It would be useful to maintain a summary of the current efforts and the high water mark performances achieved. Afaik, the rate of gain to date suggests that performance (measured by...
  48. P

    Gap Conduction in Nuclear Fuel rod Performance Codes

    Hi, everyone! I'm doing a research in gap conduction calculation models in popular nuclear fuel performance codes. I want to make a sensitive analysis in their behaviors, but unfortunately, I just have access to FRAPCON package. is there anyone who can help me to gather some of the codes...
  49. S

    Does Enabling SGX on Intel Motherboards Slow Down Performance?

    As a generality, does enabling SGX ( https://jbeekman.nl/blog/2015/10/sgx-hardware-first-look/ ) on intel motherboards slow down the speed of computer operations ?