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Did I experience time dilation or something?

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    So, I am learning about atomic clocks.

    I went to this website: http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/simpletime.html [Broken]

    And I started watching the atomic clock on that website tick away. It was ok and cool. At the moment, the website is frozen with "Loading..." for each time zone.

    When I started playing with the website, I decided to grab my cellphone. I was thinking it probably gets its time from some cellphone tower. I don't know. Anyway, I grabbed it, sat on my bed, looked at the website time, and then I started looking at the cellphone's time. The cellphone has some text that scrolls on the bottom of it telling me how many service days I have left. However, as the text began scrolling, it froze. It froze. I mean, it's like it got stuck in time. And I was sitting on my bed, conscious, thinking that's really weird, and then I looked up at the website clock and back at my phone, and it's like time passed really quick and the marquee on my phone scrolled faster than usual. I felt like time jumped ahead. It made me think of jet lag or something, and I could not explain the phenomenon.

    Did I experience some kind of time effect?
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    Was your bed moving at relativistic speeds?
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    Time doesn't stop just because your phone did.
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