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Did I get screwed royally? (car maintenance related)

  1. Apr 4, 2010 #1
    Drum brakes replaced
    Two belts replaced
    Large pulley replaced (didn't fully understood why though, mechanic just said need to)
    Oil and filter

    Parts: 150 (bought all parts myself)
    Labor: 100

    I was reluctant to pay the labor but for the sake of having a quasi-personal mechanic I felt obliged.
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    How many hours of work did it take?
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    Not really. Replacing drum brakes is a royal pain in the butt. 100 bucks for labour is pretty cheap. Replacing belts isn't a walk in the park either.
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    $ 100 for labor sounds good to me. As for the large pulley, they have a rubber bushing (damper) that deteriorates with time. If the bushing is worn or rotted the belts don't line up properly.
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    If the car is small, has an inline 4, and the parts you bought were good quality, then you got yourself a pretty good deal.
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    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for taking your time. I went to his house at 10:30am and got out of there at 10:00pm. I'd say he worked on my car for about 4 hours
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    thanks everyone for making it possible for me to sleep at tonight!

    you guys are all right!
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    Don't forget it either!
  10. Apr 4, 2010 #9
    I meant alright! not correct in factual sense.
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    Well I didn't even see that. nice catch.
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    As someone who has messed with those stupid caliper springs on a rusted out POS, I say the labor on just the brakes alone is worth double watch you paid..take it and run.

    Or next time try doing it yourself. When you're done swearing at your car, and beating it helplessly with a pair of vice grips, tow the car to the nice mechanic, smile and say "thank you sir", and take it as a lesson learned.

    Same reason you don't change your own oil. You CAN do it, but for the hassle, just pay the nice man and move on.
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    Generally speaking, labour costs should be about twice that of parts.
    So... if anybody got screwed here, it wasn't you.
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