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Diesel cycle

  1. Aug 12, 2018 at 2:56 PM #1
    In case of diesel cycle thermal efficiency is low, because heat addition takes place at constant pressure.so can we introduce some retractable plate which sits below the piston during end of compression stroke,and retracts back after heat addition,thus providing constant volume heat addition and increasing efficiency.These plates can be controlled by sensors connected to ECU.Does this idea works out
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    You are studying mechanical engineering. That is certainly the right field of study for your interests. But you need to evaluate your own ideas.

    Here's how to start the evaluation of your idea. Make a sketch showing your idea. Include some approximate dimensions, calculate how far each part needs to move, how much time is available to make the moves, the necessary accelerations and resulting forces. Show us actuators that provide those forces at those speeds. If you get stuck, show us how far you got, and we will help.
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