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Homework Help: Differance Between Analogue and Digital TV

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    Okie doke,
    I need someone here (or a collection of people working in some sort of synchronized fashion) to write for me a 1500 word assignment on the difference physics wise between analogue and digital tv broadcasting.

    Have fun doing it. :D
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    Once upon a time, TV was crap. Then along came digital TV and it got worse...
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    Welcome to PF,

    let me share this quote from a great person with you. :)

    Please do not ask members of PF to do your homework for you, we are far pass that stage, but we can help. :)

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    and dont forget more expensive.

    its just the difference in the kind of signal. analoge actually sends the information as it is, whereas digital converts it to 0's and 1's first then sends it as this digital information which is then decyphered on the other side
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