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Difference between a clamped and a simply supported plate.

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    Hey, I've recently been taking a look at the theory of plate vibration, but I can't seem to find anywhere an exact definition of what consitutes a "clamped" and a "simply supported" plate. What exactly are these, conceptually and mathematically?
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    I am not sure I have an exact definition, but a plate with "clamped" or "fixed" edges would be welded all around for example. A simple support would be a vertical rest only.
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    The boundary conditions for a clamped plate generally indicate that the edge deflection and edge slopes are both equal to zero (similar boundary conditions are used for beams with fixed ends).

    A simply supported plate has edge deflection = 0, but the slope of the plate can vary depending on the loading.
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    HyperSniper...... if you got your answer please tell me..........
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