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Difference between Chemical analysis and PMI

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    What is the technical difference between chemical analysis and PMI(Positive material identification)? Is it different name only or chemical analysis is a separate test? I found that FRF analyser (X-Ray fluorescence technique) or Optical Emission spectrometer (spark type gun with ultra pure argon gas) are used to find chemical composition of metals during PMI. XRF Analyser will not give carbon content,but spectrometer will give carbon content and other lighter elements also.So, I am :confused: with Chemical analysis term!Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    PMI methods you listed above gives you fast info about quantities of elements sample contains.
    Chemical analysis, which is more complex, meant for compounds analysis.

    IE PMI is good for alloys analysis, but meaningless for checking sugar contents in the blood.
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    Thnks graniar for the reply.I was little bit confused with these two terms as PMI is the common term used by industry people.I did a bit research in the internet and found from Exova website that,Atomic Absorption, XRF, EDS, OES, GDS, wet chemistry are Metal's chemical analysis techniques. But,I have no idea about atomic absorption, EDS,GDS and wet chemistry and where these technique are being used.

    http://www.exova.com/industry-sectors/metallurgy-a-general-engineering/services/metals-chemical-analysis [Broken]
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