Difference between combustible substance and a supporter of combustion

  1. This is driving me insane:-----

    What is the difference between a combustible substance and a supporter of combustion?

    Thanx in advance...
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  3. A combustible substance is something that burns a supporter of combustion is an oxidizer like O2.
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  4. Thanx.... I had already got the answer from a chemistry forum. Physics forums was a little too late... :D
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    So what did you find? I'm always interested in unimportant chemistry trivia.
  6. The same thing, the one that oxidises is the combustible substance and the one that gets reduced in the supporter of combustion. I dont think its unimportant. None of my books could explain this simple thing...
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    An interesting demonstration would be to reverse the normal combustion arrangement.

    A thought experiment only....don't try it in real life.

    Have a room filled with pure methane or natural gas, and introduce into it a Bunsen burner fed with no gas but just compressed air. Light the Bunsen with an electric spark, and see whether you can boil a beaker of water over this air flame.
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