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Difference between combustible substance and a supporter of combustion

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    This is driving me insane:-----

    What is the difference between a combustible substance and a supporter of combustion?

    Thanx in advance...
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    A combustible substance is something that burns a supporter of combustion is an oxidizer like O2.
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    Thanx.... I had already got the answer from a chemistry forum. Physics forums was a little too late... :D
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    So what did you find? I'm always interested in unimportant chemistry trivia.
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    The same thing, the one that oxidises is the combustible substance and the one that gets reduced in the supporter of combustion. I dont think its unimportant. None of my books could explain this simple thing...
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    An interesting demonstration would be to reverse the normal combustion arrangement.

    A thought experiment only....don't try it in real life.

    Have a room filled with pure methane or natural gas, and introduce into it a Bunsen burner fed with no gas but just compressed air. Light the Bunsen with an electric spark, and see whether you can boil a beaker of water over this air flame.
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