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Difference between hot and warm pixels?

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    i have an observatory practical to do, and being in my first year of uni, we are given guidelines on what we need to do.
    the practical is on Cosmic Rays, and we will be taking two 15 minute exposures to record how many we get.

    now my question, there is a step in the practical where we have to open the image in CCDOPS, and use the "kill warm pixel" command.
    there is a question later asking about hot pixels and what you can see in the image, i already know what a hot pixel is, but i dont know what a warm pixel is, and if there is any difference between the two.

    so, is there any difference between warm and hot pixels? and if they are different, could somebody explain what they are.

    thanks in advance for any help you can provide

    and sorry if this should be in the homework section
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    Never heard of warm pixels - I suppose they could be pixels which are just a bit hot but still have data and so can be calibrated.

    Or it could be political correctness, it's unfair to label pixels as hot - they are just 'warm', a bit like being 'visually challeneged' instead of blind
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    thanks :)
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