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Differences between Raman stokes and fluorescence

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    If the fluorescence is the re-emitting of a photon with a larger wave lenght due to the transition from a higher energy state to a lower energy state in the case of resonance Raman (where there aren't any virtual states) seems be equal to the fluorescence. Which differences are there?
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    Claude Bile

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    Fluorescence occurs due to real electronic transitions, while Raman scattering occurs as a result of virtual electronic-vibrational transitions.

    That is, fluorescence is an absorption/re-emission process while Raman scattering is an inelastic scattering process.

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    Claude's answer brings up an interesting point about this problem: when does a photon "lose its identity" and become classified as a "re-emitted" photon?
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    Thanks Claude, but what's about Resonace Raman scattering are there any virtual electronic states involve? I don't think so... [Modern Raman Spectroscopy– A Practical Approach p. 94]
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    I think when a photon (and the wave associeted) interact costructively with a system there is a time in which the photon "lose its identity" (e.g. the 10-5 seconds for the fluorescence) the energy is non more in the photon but in the system e.g. molecule. So we can say that it is re-emitted because of this transition I think we can also say the system (the molecule, the atoms etc. etc.) is re-formed.
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