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Differentiating like vs. opposite charges

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    Can experiments differentiate like vs. opposite charges?

    Two electrons repel, whereas an electron and positron attract. But for macroscopic observers, in the absence of annihilation, could anyone tell whether paths deflected due to attractions or repulsion? Or, is there always annihilation?

    Anyway, I'd like to know, whether experiments could discern whether neutrinos and antineutrinos have like or opposite weak force hypercharge, due to the way they scatter from each other... I guess if there was evidence of annihilation events then they would be proven to be different and anti particles?
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    Sure? If they accelerate towards each other they are attracted, if they accelerate away from each other they are repelled.
    There is no realistic way to measure (or even get) neutrino-neutrino scattering. And the weak hypercharge does not work in the same way the electric charge does.

    I don't see why annihilation should prove that. Also, annihilation to what?
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    Only anti particles can annihilate?

    Perhaps they would have to annihilate to neutral Z0 "hyper photons"... ? And perhaps the 90 GeV energy of the Z0 would suppress annihilation events to near impossibility? If so then neutrinos and antineutrinos would be energetically unable to annihilate and could only scatter?

    If they could annihilate through a virtual Z0 to photons , they would produce photons of a few eV, visible light to UV??
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    With what? Annihilation is a process that needs two particles.
    The designation "antiparticle" is completely arbitrary, we could call all antiparticles particles and all particles antiparticles without changing physics.

    The high mass of W and Z bosons makes the process even less likely, right. Annihilation to photons would give photons with an energy similar to the initial neutrino energy.
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