Differentiation of a vektorfield

  1. hi!

    i flipped through my notes on a class on general relativity this morning and i found an expression wich doesn't make sense to me. im not sure if don't understand the last term in the last equality or it just dosn't make sense. i would appreciate your oppinion.
    a,b are abstract indicies. everything else are coordinate indicies.

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  3. You should explain your notations...
  4. of course. as i said, a and b are abstract indicies, i,j,m,k are components with respect to a basis. bared and not bared components and differential operators correspond to different coordinate systems.
  5. Ok but what are [itex]\partiala[/itex], the quotation? x is a vector?
  6. [itex]\partial_{a}[/itex]
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