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Difficulty in solving an integral in Mathematica

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    I have to solve the following integral in Mathematica but although I don't get any mistakes the value I get is <10^-700 which can't be right!!

    For the following values


    I have to solve the following:

    Fx = Table[NIntegrate[(Exp[-t*x^2/g]/x^3)*(Sin[x] - x*Cos[x])*(b*x*Sin[x]*Cos[s*x] - (c*Sin[x] - x*Cos[x])*Sin[s*x])/((c*Sin[x] - x*Cos[x])^2 + (b^2*x^2*Sin[x]^2)),{x, 0, Infinity}],{t, 13, 100, 1}];

    Could you possibly help me???I guess the problem is the exponential part which is really huge.This problem has been bothering me for a couple of weeks now!

    Thank you guys

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    It works fine up to t = 42. For t=43, the integral doesn't converge to the prescribed accuracy. You need to tweak the desired accuracy.
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