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Difficutties in Cambridge A-level

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    I now having problems with subject physics and chemistry ! I'm from M'sia . I 'd need advice how do I spend my time on my studies so that I have efficient time for studies . Strategy studies advice too... I always get really low grades for these two subjects...Pls help me...
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    i dont know ,,,someone else will reply though who knows .
    wat i do know is that if u have any physics problems you can definately come in here and ask .One thing for physics ,is that you should have a course syllabus , look at that and see what you need to learn , you could show it to one of us , if your not sure wat all the topics are about and how much depth you need to go in to all of them , or anything else similar to that .Try and have a certain number of books and maybe a physics glossary from online.
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    Really need everyone in this thread help

    Everyone in this thread , I need everyone's help . I'm struggling...
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    Perhaps you should be more specific in telling us what problems you have with the subjects. People find it easier to reply to specific questions than a broad one like yours.
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    Yep Be Specific..topics Ur Studying ..etc Whcih U Find Difficult ..wat U Dont Understand ?
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    Stress and Strain

    Q: A copper wire of diameter d is stretched by a load hanging vertically from its lower end . The strain of the wire is 8.0x10^-4 . What's the strain in another copper wire of the same length but of diamteter 2d ?
    A: 2x10^-4

    Q: A light rod of length L hangs from the lower ends of two vertical wires M and N which are of the same natural length and diameter but ve differrent Young's moduli E1 and E2 respectively . A load is placed on the rod at a distance x from the wire M, so that the rod remains horizontal . What's the value of x in terms of L, E1 and E2 ?
    A: (E2L)/ (E1+E2 )

    Q - questions
    A - answer

    I would be glad anyone solve this as soon as possible . It would be great explain diagram , equations , steps by steps . Tnx . There ll be more questions.
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    I want the solution . :surprised
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    put this question in homework help section
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