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The A Level (Advanced Level) is a subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education, as well as a school leaving qualification offered by the educational bodies in the United Kingdom and the educational authorities of British Crown dependencies to students completing secondary or pre-university education. They were introduced in England and Wales in 1951 to replace the Higher School Certificate. A number of countries, including Singapore, Uganda, Kenya, Mauritius and Zimbabwe have developed qualifications with the same name as and a similar format to the British A Levels. Obtaining an A Level, or equivalent qualifications, is generally required for university entrance, with universities granting offers based on grades achieved.A Levels are generally worked towards over two years. Normally, students take three or four A Level courses in their first year of sixth form, and most taking four cut back to three in their second year. This is because university offers are normally based on three A Level grades, and taking a fourth can have an impact on grades. Unlike other level-3 qualifications, such as the International Baccalaureate, A Levels have no specific subject requirements, so students have the opportunity to combine any subjects they wish to take. However, students normally pick their courses based on the degree they wish to pursue at university: most degrees require specific A Levels for entry.In legacy modular courses (last assessment Summer 2019), A Levels are split into two parts, with students within their first year of study pursuing an Advanced Subsidiary qualification, commonly referred to as an AS or AS Level, which can either serve as an independent qualification or contribute 50% of the marks towards a full A Level award. The second part is known as an A2 or A2 Level, which is generally more in-depth and academically rigorous than the AS. The AS and A2 marks are combined for a full A Level award. The A2 Level is not a qualification on its own, and must be accompanied with an AS Level in the same subject for certification. Due to the fact that AS Levels are considered less academically rigorous, the A* grade is reserved for those taking the subject to A2 standard, so only A2 units contribute to this grade. Additionally, students who are displeased with results from their AS units have the ability to resit. However, this has been criticised as nurturing a 'resit culture' and causing perceived 'grade inflation'.

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  1. eddiezhang

    How Can an A-Level Physics Student Get Help with a Project?

    Hi everyone! I'm an A-level Physics student looking for help on a bit of a project of mine.
  2. N

    A-level Maths Mechanics: Prevent Block from Sliding Down Inclined Plane

    The best I could do was draw a forces diagram. I know that friction would be working up when the block is on the point of slipping down the plane and friction will be acting down the slope against the direction of motion when the block is on the point of slipping up the slope. (not even sure if...
  3. R

    Question re interpreting MarkScheme - Moments (Edexcel A-level)

    Attached is a Q from an AS mechanics paper. I'm perplexed about part (c) in which we are told that the tensions in the two cables are equal. My physics brain says take moments about the CoM of the beam so eliminating the mass of the beam and making the moments of the two cables equal and...
  4. DeathByKugelBlitz

    Physics I have an A-level in physics but no degree, what jobs can I get?

    I have a Foundation Year pass but dropped out of uni in the first year due to COVID making learning go online, which was terrible. All I can find online is stuff you need a degree for but nothing about A-levels
  5. James2020

    Intro Physics Roger Muncaster A-Level Physics Textbook (4th edition + more)

    Hello, This is an invaluable textbook which I regularly use to self-educate myself before teaching students however something that would be particularly useful would be answers to all the end of chapter questions. I know numerical answers are given but that it. I know it’s unlikely due to the...
  6. RemotePhysics

    Futher Mechanics: Circular Motion of a Car Going Around a Banked Turn

    Below is my working out. If you could have a look at my answers and see if they are correct and then advice me on how to improve my solutions for Parts I and II, and how to answer F and G with the given information. Thanks in advance! Parts aand b are diagrams so please refer to the attached...
  7. M

    Studying Self teaching Gcse and A-Level maths

    Hi, I have recently embarked on the journey to do a mathematics degree. I am 16 and homeschooled, although, I self teach myself as I find it easier to read from textbooks and teach myself the material from resources online and the likes. I have taken a math Gcse a few months ago and was going...
  8. Q

    Calculating P for an Aircraft Flying in a Circular Motion

    Homework Statement An aircraft flies with its wings tilted, in order to fly in a horizontal circle of radius r. The aircraft has mass 4.00 x 104 Kg and has a constant speed of 250ms-1 . with the aircraft flying in this way, two forces are acting on the plane, P [lift] and W [weight which is...
  9. M

    I A-level differentiation/derivative dilemma

    Hello, and thank you for your time. I just started my A-levels derivatives/differentiation , and I would be more than happy if you could help me clarify it. For example I know that y is a function in terms of x right? y=f(x) The derivative of it is f'(x)=dy/dx . This means it is the rate of...
  10. Parsifal1

    Courses Self teaching A-level maths and physics?

    This year I have been doing a BTEC in Engineering, which is equivalent to 1.5 A levels and I am thinking about what to do next year. I have three options, I could carry on and do the second half of the BTEC, which is equivalent to another 1.5 A levels, I could do a foundation year for university...
  11. VjStylz

    Classical Top A-Level Physics Textbook Recommendations | Improve Your Understanding

    Hi, can someone refer me to a good, 'A' Level Physics textbook. Thank You
  12. G

    What are some recommended resources for learning about astrophysics and physics?

    I'm not, nor do I claim to be the best at physics, but I've come to share my interest, and learn as much as I can about one of my biggest interests in life, astrophysics. I'm doing A-Level physics at the moment; alongside maths, further maths, biology and philosophy, and a few online...
  13. AntSC

    S1 Probability Coin Toss

    Having trouble with certain binomial and geometric distribution questions, which is indicating that my understanding isn't completely there yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1. Homework Statement A bag contains two biased coins: coin A shows Heads with a probability of 0.6, and coin...
  14. Z

    A-level student with a love for particle physics

    I am currently in my first year of A levels and we have completed the particle physics parts of this year and by asking my teacher and A2 physics students I have found that next year we will not be going into much more detail regarding particle physics. This left me somewhat disappointed as I...
  15. A

    Coursework help - Stokes Law equation + graphs

    Homework Statement Hi there. For my A2 physics coursework I have been doing an experiment into stokes law, in which I dropped ball bearings of various diameters into a tube filled with a liquid, worked out their terminal velocities and then used Stokes Law to calculate the viscosity of the...
  16. moriheru

    What Are Some Recommended Post A-Level Mathematics Topics?

    I have did my A-level mathematics a long while ago and I did QM for about three to four months and got to Bosonic String theory now, but I would like to do some mathematics beside String theory. I do not know if differential equations are coverd in university but I did them to and I know how to...
  17. elDuderino81

    A-Level Physics Problem - Velocity

    [b]1. A Level Physics - finding resultant velocity at bottom of a frictionless incline, with no angle provided? [b]2. Hi, I am currently working through a problem set and I'm being asked to find the speed of a cart (roller-coaster) after it has traveled down a slope (from points A to B). The...
  18. I

    Studying for old units (a-level)

    Okay, so this isn't actually a chemistry or biology homework question as such. I just didn't know where else to ask this question, if somebody could redirect me to the correct place if it's not acceptable to post this in here, that'd be awesome :) So basically, I'm studying A-level...
  19. U

    GCSE higher / A-Level introductory books

    So finally after many years of avoiding it due to pure fear of the subject, I've decided I am going to learn maths no matter how hard it is for me. The question is which book should I get? With so many out there I am looking for something with plenty of problems, a mixture of text based and...
  20. R

    What happens to kinetic energy in a car collision?

    first post so here goes: this question isn't hard but i can't seem to get the answer i should have. 'a car of mass 1050kg runs into the back of car b which is stationary with mass 1200kg. car A was moving at 50mph immediately before impact. after impact, the vehicles are locked together'...
  21. T

    A-level Mathematics programming

    Hi.. Until very recently, I have what can be called a marginal interest in computers and even more so in math (mostly because any math I can do is limited to AS Level and despite being able to deal with abstractions in other disciplines, I seem not to have caught on the math front..I was also...
  22. P

    Math Deciding a Career: Scientist or Engineer?

    I'm been interested on becoming a scientist (Though this guy is pretty discouraging... I know it's from 1999 but still, he's really scaring me... Should I listen to him?) ever since I felt joy on learning science but the problem now is that I have to choose what type of scientist I want to be...
  23. F

    Looking for A-Level Physics Exams

    I'm looking for an A-level physics exam, from any year, a whole exam. I'd like to compare the difficulty to the exams we see here in BC Canada. Please if you have sample exam share it! Also if this is the incorrect forum please move my post, - I wasn't sure where to put it elsewhere! Thanks
  24. D

    Resitting Advancing Physics B A-Level

    Hi everyone I'm resitting my Physics A Level this year and need some advice on how to about preparing for it. I'm doing the Advancing Physics B syllabus (OCR). I'm doing past-papers working through the CGP revision guides and watching youtube videos on each topic. The textbook I find rather...
  25. M

    Physics A-Levels for Theoretical Physics: Maths, Physics, Computing?

    I'm doing Physics, Maths and Further Maths for A Levels. I'm planning on doing Theoretical Physics in University. I had A* in Maths and A in Physics for GCSE's. I'm wondering if I should choose another subject? If so, what? Would computing be a good idea?
  26. M

    Should I Take A-Level Further Mathematics?

    Hi, everyone, nice to meet u all. I was recently graduated from secondary school and is now facing the problem of choosing my subjects for A-Level. I hope I can get some guidance from the forum member to help me in making my decision ^^ I was thinking to take Further Mathematics bt heard lots...
  27. G

    A-Level physics past papers and answers online ?

    Hi wasnt sure where to post this... Does anyone know where I can get hold of free A-Level physics past papers and answers online ? cheers, Gus
  28. FeDeX_LaTeX

    How Can I Successfully Prepare for Taking A-Levels Early?

    Hello; Since year 9 I have wanted to take my A-Level in maths early, in the hope that it will lighten the load for my studies when I reach the A-Level stage (for example, most people who have an intention to study science at higher education end up studying 4AS x 4A2). Or, if I feel I will be...
  29. C

    A-Level Students Unite: Join the Forum and Share Experiences!

    hiya everyone;) I recently found this forum and would hail success for it ..indeed an excellent opportunity for people of all genera to take help from ;) But one complaint... I didn't find a junior here... I mean doing A-Level! If anybody from A-level please reply... I'll be glad! indeed I...
  30. I

    A-level Physics - Faradays Law and Electromagnetic Induction

    Homework Statement The problem can be found http://www.drewett-gray.co.uk/alevel/ff&e/papers/ffe_04_Jun.pdf" (page 10 and 11) Question 4 part B i and ii Mark Scheme if needed http://www.drewett-gray.co.uk/alevel/ff&e/papers/FFE_04_Jun_MS.pdf" Homework Equations Faradays law: The induced...
  31. L

    A-Level Student Seeking Resources for Coursework Presentation

    1. The problem statement I am an A level student and my coursework presentation is due in next month. the materials i wanted were taken and i was stuck with kevlar. I'm strugling to find many links that go in depth about the mechanical & electrical properties also about free electrons all i...
  32. F

    A-level electron speed question

    calculate the speed of an electon which has a de broglie wave length of 1.3x10-10m can anyone help me with this question I've never had one like this come up so i haven't a clue what to do, with only 2 weeks to my a-level exams
  33. O

    How Do Capacitors Behave and Function in Electrical Circuits?

    This is not a homework question for the record. An external question which came up in my revision! http://www.edexcel.com/migrationdocuments/QP%20GCE%20Curriculum%202000/June%202007/6735_01_que_20070614.pdf QUESTION 3 Parts B and C
  34. O

    Why Do Some Students Struggle with A-Level Physics Concepts?

    Last year I sat my physics A-Level paper and despite achieving A's in the first 3 modules I took a nosedive and underachieved. I have finished school now and am retaking modules in January time and upon my preparation I have come across a few problems which I can't seem to answer! Any help...
  35. T

    Momentum questions - A-Level onwards standard (formulas and explanations needed)

    Homework Statement I am a GCSE Physics student, and my teacher recently set us a homework sheet in which he said contained questions 'exceeding A-Level standard'. He told us to get as far as we could. So, I have completed 12 of 18 questions, but I am very confused about the last 6: 1) A...
  36. B

    Oscillation A-level Coursework

    Homework Statement Objective - Record the time taken for a pendulum to complete a full oscillation. Using the equation Time (t) squared = k multiplied by length of string ( l) Homework Equations Any relevant equations to do with oscillation that could help me with this practical...
  37. J

    I from someone who has recently taken A-Level physics

    I wasn't quite sure where to put this - hopefully it's in the right place! I am a PhD student and am applying for a fellowship which includes writing a "Lay Report". This report has to be understood by someone who has recently taken physics at A-level (UK) ... the trouble is, I don't know...
  38. J

    A-Level Physics for fun and maybe more

    Hi, I'm 31 and have a successful career as a Software Engineer - but am finding more and more that I can't resist my love of physics. So, I've started studying physics in my spare time, rather than just endlessly reading about it. I did actually do A-Level physics when I was in college, but...
  39. B

    Programs Full A-Level Maths essential for a Physics degree?

    I am currently in Yr13 & studying A-level Physics, Chemistry & History. I took AS-Level Maths but due to certain circumstances failed, but I am taking it again this year & am hoping to get a B which I should have got last year. I would have dropped History but as I started AS Maths late, a week...
  40. S

    What are some practical ideas for A-Level advancing physics coursework?

    As part of my A2 advancing physics coursework i must decide on a pratical and plan and carry it out then write it up. Sounded easy at first but i cannot think of anything that would be interesting and easy to get decent results from. Any ideas or suggestions would be really appreciated...
  41. S

    Exploring String Theory at A-Level: Seeking Advice

    I am currently an A-Level Student studing the Advancing Physics course at school. I became interested in the string theory after reading some books and watching Prof Stephen Hawking's documentary. I have decided to base my Research and Report Coursework on it but i am struggling to find an angle...
  42. T

    Finding the Right A-level Maths Textbook

    right, basically, i am 16, and currently only read maths at the standard level for people my age (granted i find it easy as, and best in school and all sorta, by anyways, that enough ego boost for now hehe). and i want to start reading A-level maths (A-level is the UK maths level for 17-18 year...
  43. K

    What are some practical investigation ideas for A-level physics coursework?

    A-level cousework question Can anyone help me on my practial investigation(I can do wat ever i want on physics for 2 weeks|+write up afterwards)? i really don't know wat to do, i am thinking of doing something on circuit as u won't make much mistake~any other bright ideas or wat should...
  44. D

    Where Can I Find GCE A-Level Past Papers?

    I am looking for some GCE A-Level past papers, anybody know where i can find some?
  45. T

    Difficutties in Cambridge A-level

    I now having problems with subject physics and chemistry ! I'm from M'sia . I 'd need advice how do I spend my time on my studies so that I have efficient time for studies . Strategy studies advice too... I always get really low grades for these two subjects...Pls help me...
  46. W

    Didn't do so well in two of my two A-Level

    'ello there. I didn't do so well in two of my two A-Level last time around (Maths, Physics), so I'm redoing 2 years of A-Levels all over again, but since I did "okayish" in the other two of them (Computing, Electronics) I'll be doing two new subjects (Further Maths, Critical Thinking) to give...
  47. G

    A-Level General Studies: What's Involved & Is It Respected?

    I'm looking for information on General Studies at A-Level or references to sites with information (can't seem to find much). What does it involve? Does it include any (or much) maths? If so, at what level? Is it a well-respected qualification?
  48. G

    A-Level Science: 21st Century Science Overview

    This is more for the British posters. Later this year, I should hopefully be starting my A-Levels, and I know I definitely want to take 1 science subject. I asked my science teacher today about A-Level Chemistry and he advised that it probably isn't for me as it involves a great deal of...
  49. F

    Courses How does US maths and physics courses compare with british A-level?

    Just a matter of interest, but how do the US physics and mathematics courses for students before university (The final year before university) compare with the British A-level courses? what is the typical content of the US courses at this age? For example, what is included in "precalculus", and...
  50. H

    Where to Find A-Level Physics Practice Questions?

    Does anyone know some good links for A-level Physics Questions? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.:smile: