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Diffusion across a cell membrane?

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    Hi, I'm looking for information on blood and neuron cells. Specifically I need to know how the membrane transport mechanism in blood and neuron cells work? I am aware of concepts such as active diffusion, facilitated diffusion, and simple diffusion.

    The task is to look at the membrane transport mechanisms in blood cells and to see how these compare with the membrane transport mechanism in neurons. (Apparently some of these mechanisms differ in some significant ways, but I'm not sure how yet?)

    Also what would be a good choice to show these different membrane transport mechanisms? For example would red blood cells be better than white if I wanted to show the full range of the mechanisms involved, or would the reverse be true?

    Are there any resources anyone can point to that would give me a nice clear explanation of any of this? Thanks!
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    From this excellent book :

    Since diffusion is a ionic move and thus any ion flux involves a concentration change, how is it possible to stop any water flux?
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