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Dimensional analysis of the london penetration depth

  1. May 25, 2010 #1
    hi guys.

    i have the london penetration depth defined as [tex]\lambda_l = \sqrt{\frac{m^{**}}{4\pi n_{s} e^{2}}}[/tex].

    i'm trying to figure out the dimensionality of it...surely it must be a length, but i get


    in SI units.

    am i doing something wrong?

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    There are some units set to '1' in this expression, which is why your analysis comes out funky. You will need some factors of c or [tex]\mu_0[/tex] in your expression for the depth to make the dimension come out correct.

    You could try to re-derive the expression for the depth yourself (just google it), and use the expression for the Maxwell equation with the proper units in place. It's doable!
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