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Dimentional reduction: branworld or Yau-calibi manifolds?

  1. Im a string theorist who prefer large braneworld

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  2. I am a string theorist who prefers Yau-Calibi compactification

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  1. May 5, 2008 #1
    string theorists, there are two approaches to reducing 11 dimensions to 4, they are large and we are stuck on one, or they are compactified, too small to see. Which approach makes the most contact with physics?

    Is it possible to have 1-2 large dimensions and a 4-folded Yau-Calbi space?

    String theory has it to determine which scenario produces physics of our world -- large extra dimensions or small ones?
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    I would like to tack on another question to ensabah's:

    Is there any context in which the "4 normal dimensions + 6D calabi yau manifold" approach and the "10d large dimensions but everything's stuck on branes" approach are dual or mathematically equivalent?
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