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Question regarding possible extra time dimensions

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    I am an amateur physics enthusiast and would like to pose a question to you.

    It is my understanding that for string theory to make sense there should be 11 dimensions. Three extended spatial dimensions and one time dimension that we perceive, as well as seven hidden dimensions which cannot be seen due to our current level of technology being unable to detect anything that small. These extra dimensions are possibly curled up in Calabi-Yau manifolds and are located at every point in space. By “extended” time dimension I mean it extends from the creation of the universe to the present and onward much like our spatial dimensions appear to extend forever in all directions, as opposed to a curled up dimension.

    If one or more of these extra dimensions are extra time dimensions instead of spatial dimensions, could this explain the phenomenon of quantum entanglement where the “effect” can be determined before the “cause” (as mentioned in a recent study at the University of Vienna)? If a particle were to travel through a curled up, extra time dimension which had a structure which allowed you to end up where it started, could this not be seen as a form of time travel? Let us call the point where the particle enters this extra time dimension, location A. After travelling through the curled up, extra time dimension, the particle ends up eventually at point A again (much like a particle moving through a torus would eventually end up back where it started). By travelling forward in this secondary time dimension, the particle has ended up at its previous point in our normal time dimension upon exiting this secondary time dimension, also appearing to have never left in our normal understanding of time.

    In the end, it appears that the particles which are quantum entangled have successfully predicted their own outcome; however they have already experienced the “future” in this secondary, curled up time dimension.

    Does this theory hold any merit? Has this been thought of before?

    Thank you for your time.
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    Quantum entanglement does not need anything "going back in time". It just can give results which are a bit unintuitive.

    If you have an additional time direction, it is not the same as our regular time, so I wouldn't expect that moving in one time-direction would move a particle in the other one, too.
    In addition, microscopic spacial dimensions correspond to microscopic time dimensions. The current limit for extra dimensions, based on gravitation experiments, is somewhere at ~50µm, which corresponds to ~0.1ps.
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