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B Dirac Equation vs Wave Function

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    Hi, under what equation does the Dirac Equation fall under versus that of the Wave Function. Why is Antimatter from Dirac Equation really there but the wave function is not real? Because if Antimatter exist from an equation of complex numbers.. why can't the wave function be real too?
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    Forget Dirac's equation and holes etc etc. It was simply a beautiful and brilliant way-station to the correct explanation via QFT.

    QFT is the correct explanation for antimatter.

    Complex numbers are intrinsic to QM. The reason is it allows continuous transformation between states:

    There are other reasons as well eg you do not get path cancellation so you have the Principle Of Least Action in the sum over history approach without complex numbers. It's interesting, and a bit of a mystery, that QM is basically a Wiener process in complex time.

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