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Disadvantages of being in the second wave for admissions?

  1. Feb 24, 2015 #1

    I've applied for our university's medical physics program before its first deadline, Feb 1st. Since I've finished the application, I have been relaxing and waiting for the results.

    Today I found that I was supposed to fill out a secondary "supplemental" application, which asked exactly same questions as the first application did.

    And because of not finishing that, I am late for the first admission review. Is this going to affect my possibility to get admitted?

    I should mention that the grad school is rather competitive and I am more like an average student.

    Thank you.
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    It can be extremely frustrating missing things like this.

    Your best bet is to contact the department and ask them how to proceed. Generally speaking, missing a deadline is not good, but I don't know what's meant by a first or second deadline. Some programs will have different timelines for international students. If you fit into the applicable group for the second deadline you might be okay.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    It seems that our school's graduate admission review is consist of two separate sessions, or 'waves'. So students that finished the applications relatively early get to have their application evaluated earlier at the first session, and relatively late students will be evaluated in the second half.

    I have contacted the department and It seems that my application is still eligible for the second evaluation session, but I wonder if being in the second group would give me any kind of disadvantage..
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