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B Dish soap and water evaporation

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    I want to keep a small space (oh, say, about the size of a chest humidor - call it 2 cubic feet) humid to a level of about 70% to 80%.

    I don't feel like using the whole humidity technology that you have to fill all the time, so I've just stuck a gallon bucket of water in there.

    I was wondering if adding a drop of dish soap would increase the evaporation rate by breaking the surface tension.

    (Incidentally, I notice that the bucket of water seems to evaporate slower over time.Fast at first, but then drops off. I am hypothesizing that, impurities such as oils are accumulating on the surface as the water evaparates, and that this layer is discouraging further evaporation. That's one reason why one uses distilled water in such systems. But I'm looking for a more low-tech solution.)
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    I don't know about chemical additives but:

    Putting some wicks sticking up out of the water will promote evaporation. A wick with a lot of surface area.

    A little fish tank bubbler in the bottom of the water will also promote evaporation.
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    Thanks. I like the wick idea. Passive and maintenance-free.
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