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Divisions of applied mathematics

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    Complementing the fields of physics thread, and as a bit of fun :wink:, I wondered what people make of wikipedia's definition of divisions within applied maths:

    Applicable areas of mathematics include most notably

    * differential equations (ODEs and PDEs)
    * numerical analysis/scientific computing
    * approximation theory and representation theory
    * matrix theory
    * mathematical physics
    * mathematical methods of engineering
    * nonlinear optimization
    * operations research, including linear programming
    * continuous modelling
    * control theory
    * mathematical biology
    * bioinformatics
    * information theory
    * game theory
    * probability
    * mathematical economics
    * financial mathematics
    * actuarial science
    * cryptography
    * graph theory (as applied to network analysis)
    * statistics
    * parts of theoretical computer science

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    what about meteorology/ atmospheric science? Also J77, what type of applied math are you into?
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    That's a good one.

    I think it would come under differential equations in this formulation but then so should, for example, math biology.

    The base of my work would be nonlinear differential equations but of many forms... ODEs (including nonsmooth), PDEs, DDEs...

    This involves matrix theory too.

    And, bifurcation theory which I think should be on the list!

    Actually, if you number the lsit from 1 to 22, in my research I've employed...

    1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 22

    I'm not sure what 3 and 9 would include...
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    Calculus of Variation?

    Elastic theory?

    All kind of analysis find applications in Physics, and practical Industry.
    Differential Geometry
    Tensor Analysis
    Algebraic Topology
    Variation Analysis
    Elastic Theory
    Mathematical Dynamic of any kind.

    The list looks weird to me because some of the items are maths, and some are applicable field. Personally, I would consider Differential Eqn is a branch of Maths which has a lot of applications in practical world.

    PS: I am going to be focusing on Calculus of Variation, Differential Geometry, Elastic Theory, and Mathematical Finance.
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