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Programs Masters in biotechnology after BS. in applied mathematics?

  1. Jul 10, 2017 #1
    Do you know about if this is possible or which schools offer a degree like this? Aside from mathematics I have taken the following courses related to biotechnology(science-based):

    General biology 1 and 2 with labs
    General chemistry 1 and 2 with labs
    General physics 1 and 2 with labs
    Mechanics (Physics)
    Mathematical Physics
    Physics Problem Solving
    Two psychology courses

    What do you think my odds are?

    I can get a minor in biology if I take one more course and I have a minor in physics, so maybe I will do that.

    Let's assume this is good for applying for the degree... what about the math courses that I should take to prepare? I graduate in a year so I don't have much option at this point.

    I'll have taken Numerical Analysis, Statistics, Mathematical modeling, complex variables, PDE, programming, linear algebra, ODE, all calculus.

    I need to pick two of the following:

    Advanced Calculus 1/2
    Intro. to analysis
    Complex analysis
    vector calculus
    Game theory
    Calculus of variations
    Qualitative theory of ODE
    PDE 2
    Linear algebra 2

    On top of this I need to take the GRE in November so by the time I submit my graduate application to other schools I will not have taken the last biology course for the minor yet so the school committee won't know to consider it in my application. Should I brief them? I think I am too excited. I just discovered this possibility.
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    I think you have a very good background for entering a master's program in biotechnology. You should talk with a professor in your school's biology department who will be more familiar with what is included in your past classes and in alternative future classes. You might want to look at a bioengineering class.
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    Okay. I'm also thinking about maybe going for the masters (probably PHD if I begin masters) in applied mathematics and then getting a job in industry doing something with biotech or bionics. I know how important math is to every field of science and technology but I don't know if a PHD would qualify me to work in a job in science or technology related to biology. I just know that in the end I want to do something like this.
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