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Engineering Do engineering classes go towards a physics degree

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    I am in a program at a community college to get my associates in engineering. I was thinking about changing my major to physics but they dont have a physics program. i was wondering if i could put the classes i take for the associates in engineering towards a bachelors degree in physics.
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    You'll need to check at the university you intend on transferring to. It will depend a lot on the program you transfer into. Some physics programs, like engineering physics at the school I'm going to, allow you to use a lot of engineering classes as technical electives. Some programs may not. You can check here as well:


    If you don't know where you will transfer you can compare your classes to several different schools (assuming your school supports that site).
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    In my case, I just contacted the physics department at the school I want to transfer to: http://www.physics.qc.edu/information.php [Broken]

    I just E-mailed the person in charge of transfer credit evaluation, and now my worries are over. Also, it depends on the CC you go to since sometimes there may be sites that can evaluate your transfer credits for you. In my case, since I go to QCC which is in the CUNY system, I just visited http://tipps.cuny.edu/ Other school systems may offer a similar online service which evaluates transfer credits.
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