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Do grad schools consider varied research interests a sin?

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    I'll be applying to grad schools in the coming months, and I'm mostly interested in programs that involve nonlinear dynamics, synchrony, and chaos. But, my undergraduate research is in two other areas, different from each other and not involving nonlinear dynamics at all. I've worked on constraints on certain dark matter candidates from the gamma ray background, then I moved onto solar system tests of the equivalence principle.

    Will having two different undergrad research projects and a separate third research interest for grad school be looked upon negatively by grad schools?
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    Absolutely not. There's no way a grad school can expect you to know exactly what you want to specialize in before attending graduate school. That's why in general they ask for a number of your interests in your application. Also, research experience is better than no experience. They will definitely see it as a plus on your application.
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