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Do I have a chance to get into top physics programs?

  1. Dec 20, 2009 #1
    I know such questions have been asked several times in this forum, but it would be a nice guide for me to choose where to apply.

    I am an Electronics Engineering bachelor student from a university in the middle east that does not have a physics program (and physics programs in my country are bad anyway). However, I have two REU's in theoretical physics in Germany (with one presentation and poster), I'm the top of my class (about 500 students) with an A+ in all courses, I have excellent recommendations, I have won several regional contests in math, programming and chemistry, I had several math and physics extracurricular courses and I had a 990 in the physics GRE.

    I know that the fact that my undergraduate major is not physics will make the admission committee not sure about my physics background and will be a big minus but I want to ask if
    I have a reasonable chance to get into places like Princeton or Stanford, or should I try lower ranked universitirs?
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  3. Dec 20, 2009 #2
    I'm not really qualified to comment, but I gotta think you have a decent chance.
  4. Dec 20, 2009 #3
    where are you right now? it'll make a difference
  5. Dec 20, 2009 #4
    I am in my final year at my university in Egypt (probably not a known university in the US)
  6. Dec 21, 2009 #5
    No matter what you think your chances are, apply to both. Apply to a lot of schools. Pick a few that you really want to go to but may not get into. Pick a bunch that you'd like to go to and you think you have a good chance at, and pick a few that you're confident you can get into.

    Also, it depends on what kind of physics you plan to study.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Dec 26, 2009 #6
    Well, I am planning to study theoretical condensed matter physics
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