What is Physics programs: Definition and 54 Discussions

Engineering physics, or engineering science, refers to the study of the combined disciplines of physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and engineering, particularly computer, nuclear, electrical, electronic, aerospace, materials or mechanical engineering. By focusing on the scientific method as a rigorous basis, it seeks ways to apply, design, and develop new solutions in engineering.

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  1. Gamma

    Comparing Physics Programs at UofM and UMD

    My student needs to select either University of Michigan or UMD for his BS degree in Physics. His goal is to go to graduate school after that. His interests are in Nuclear Physics, in particular Fusion energy. He has a full ride to UMD which is also instate. If he were to go to UMI, he will only...
  2. AryaKimiaghalam

    Programs Top Medical Physics Programs in Texas and Florida

    Hi all, Hope you are all safe and doing well. I recently made a decision to potentially move to the states permanently. I am currently in my fourth year of undergraduate degree in physics at a Canadian university (3.82 cGPA, 3.96 in major) and interested in a career in medical physics. For this...
  3. M

    Programs Is there a difference between undergrad physics programs?

    My son is a high school senior applying to a mix of large public (two in-state and one out-of-state) universities, a couple mid-size selective private universities and one Ivy-league university. His intended major is physics (doesn't know what specialty although he visited Fermi Labs and is...
  4. Mondayman

    Schools Comparing Small & Large University Physics Programs for Graduate School Readiness

    Hi folks, I am considering two universities. My goal is to do well enough that I could get into graduate school for physics, most likely here in Canada. I have been unable to speak to an adviser, as my school's science adviser does not meet with students until they finish their second year. So...
  5. C

    Programs SF Bay Area night/part time undergrad physics programs?

    Does anyone know of any night B.S. Physics programs in the SF Bay Area? I can't switch jobs or stop working full time. I don't have the luxury to go back to school full time, nor extra financial support. I want to go back to school for a completely different career path. I currently have a...
  6. Delta31415

    Schools Colorado Boulder physics undergrad

    So recently I was accepted into CU Boulder COS&A for physics :) I was wondering how good is the physics program( I know its good but I have heard bad things as well). how good is it education wise(research-wise I know it's near the NIST), however, its a large state school does this impact it...
  7. Scott Hill

    Programs Engineering Physics programs without Engineering

    Is anyone aware of a liberal arts college (or other such school) that offers Engineering Physics without having a full-blown Engineering program? I'm a physics professor at a small school and we're investigating the feasibility of adding such a program ourselves; it would be useful to see some...
  8. D

    Schools Which Florida school is the best for undergraduate physics?

    I got accepted into both FSU and UCF (I would've chosen UF, but I missed the application deadline). I keep hearing really good things about FSU's program, but it'd be a lot more convenient for me to go to UCF for more than one reason. That being said, is FSU's undergraduate physics program that...
  9. C

    Programs Optics Program or Physics Program (w/ optics concentration)

    My main goal is optics. I love it. I did an internship having to study and learn about optics and I've had my sights set on it sense then. It's also easier for me to learn. I've applied to graduate schools, but I need to know: Are there any advantages or disadvantages of going to an optics...
  10. A

    Top string theory / mathematical physics programs

    What are some of the top graduate programs in Europe (excluding the UK) on theoretical physics specializing in string theory, fields or mathematical physics?
  11. S

    Ranking of a set of theoretical particle physics programs

    Among the following programs, which are the best for theoretical particle physics? Stony Brook, Penn State, Iowa State, Urbana Champaign, Arizona, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Florida, Tennesse KnoxVille Are there some other programs of lower ranking in the league tables, but has a strong high...
  12. A

    Graduate space physics programs

    Hi everyone. I was trying to look around at different grad programs for space physics (solar wind, magnetosphere, etc, not that electric universe garbage), and couldn't find a whole lot of good info on reputations or rankings or anything like that. I found a list here...
  13. C

    How Competitive are Medical Physics Programs?

    I still have a year left, but it's about time I worry about grad school. I am set on getting into medical physics, but I am a little worried about my GPA. I'm in Canada, my GPA is currently at 3.33, I am going to be doing a directed studies with a Professor next year and continue being a TA...
  14. H

    Calculators Ti-Nspire Calculus based physics programs

    Hi guys, I am a freshman engineering student and recently bought a ti nspire for my calculus based physics class. The teacher strongly recommends getting programs for his class on our calculators to make our lives a lot easier. I've been looking everywhere for programs for like centripetal...
  15. S

    Post-Bac Physics Programs in LA

    I graduated from USC with a BA in English Lit and a minor in Neuroscience. I have since taken general physics courses at a community college, following my passion for physics and astrophysics. In addition I took one Astronomy course and some math at the undergraduate level. There seem to be...
  16. B

    Suggestions for Physics Programs in Southwest Ohio.

    Hi, can anyone tell me about the quality of undergraduate physics programs at the following universities? Wright State University. (Dayton Ohio) Miami University Oxford. University of Cincinnati. To give a little background info I am over 40 and going to college for the first time. I...
  17. M

    What are the best Alabama Physics programs?

    I am graduating from high school soon, in three days actually, and I need just a bit of advice on where I should go to school to be a Physics student. I live in Alabama and I'm in a position where I have to entirely pay for my college education, and because I did not do particularly well on the...
  18. A

    MS Physics Programs for Teachers?

    Hello everyone! I have a BS in physics as well as an AZ teaching license and am currently teaching high school physics/math. I plan to get a master's in the next few years and would rather earn one in my content area than in education. I can't seem to find any programs that would allow me to...
  19. R

    Chances of getting into medical physics programs

    I will be graduated soon from Marshall University with a B.S. in physics with an area of emphasis on medical physics (This program drops some of the upper level physics classes that aren't necessary for medical physics and replaces them with upper level chemistry and biology). I am planning on...
  20. I

    Schools Mid-tier US gradschools with strong math focussed theoretical physics programs

    Hey all, I'm looking to apply for gradschool in the US at the end of this year and I'm currently struggling to figure something out I was hoping someone here might be able to assist me with. I intend to apply to the top 10-15 schools, but given the cost of applications, for universities...
  21. M

    ISU vs UIdaho; Comparing Undergrad Physics Programs

    At the moment I'm attending North Idaho College, and while ideally I'd be able to transfer out of state to a better University, I'm all but guaranteed a spot at either University of Idaho (UI) or Idaho State University (ISU) if that doesn't work out. So naturally I'm trying to figure out which...
  22. M

    Help explain different types of Grad Physics programs

    I have a BS in Economics and Physics, I've been out of school for a year now and I really want to get a PhD in physics but I'm having trouble narrowing it down to a particular area (i.e. particle, material, astro, experimental, theoretical, etc. ), which in turn is slowing me down in my search...
  23. R

    What physics programs should I add to my TI-84Plus?

    My professor told us we are allowed to use a TI calculator and that if wanted to we could add programs to it. What programs do you thank I should add. we covered everything from one dimensional motion to basic thermodynamic stuff?
  24. F

    Why do Physics programs not cover continuum mechanics?

    I've looked at a few Physics programs and none seem to cover any time of fluids or continuum mechanics in general. It seems to be a very relevant subject to cover but it's only slightly addressed in one of the lower level classes. In these classes they usually only going over Bernoulli's...
  25. O

    Calculators Calculator with physics programs?

    Hi, I'm looking at a few models but I'm having a hard job seeing if any/all of them have a sort of Physics equation solver. For example, laws of motion, a calculator that could tell me for a set of given values what the value of s is when t=2. Or, say, for a given velocity curve - show the...
  26. K

    Schools Physics programs in top colleges compared to other colleges

    Hi. I am a junior in high school and have been looking into colleges. I want to pursue a career in physics (thinking about the fields of: elementary particles/field/string theory or cosmology/relativity/gravity), but I'm not sure I'll have the credentials to get accepted to one of the top...
  27. M

    Exploring Medical Physics Programs: Admissions Chances and Tips for Success

    Hey, I am a third year double major in astronomy and physics with a 3.4 gpa and currently doing research in the astronomy department at a big name midwestern school. I have been heavily interested in pursuing a masters in medical physics and was wondering what my chances are to being accepted...
  28. B

    Solid physics programs for mediocre students

    Hello. I am a soon-to-be-applying-to-college HS student, and I want to major in physics as my undergrad. I am the best in my physics class, and I love the subject. Always have, always will. Here is my problem: my other grades aren't the best (but definitely not the worst; I'm in the 3.2 -...
  29. R

    Interviewing process for graduate physics programs

    I was recently invited to be flown to one of the graduate physics programs that I applied to, to be interviewed for a fellowship award (acceptance pending and likely depending on this). I'm fairly excited about this, although I'd like to know what my chances are of being accepted into the...
  30. B

    Schools Which Canadian universities have good physics programs?

    I need to apply to three for Physics. Just Physics! I have 2 U of Toronto U of Waterloo And I need a third, but I am not sure which. I heard that York has a good physics course and also I've heard good about ryerson. Any tips?
  31. M

    German vs. American physics programs.

    Hello, I'm originally from Canada but I'm studying physics in Germany and I'm just curious to see how different the two physics programs are. It is the beginning of our 2nd year (though the germans have an extra year of high school, so probably equivalent to the start of 3rd year), and in our...
  32. P

    What graduate applied physics or engineering physics programs?

    I will be graduating in December with a B.S. in physics, GPA about 3.6 in major. What schools in the U.S. (preferably Northeast) would you guys recommend for applied physics or engineering physics programs? Also possible are EE programs which are friendly to physics undergrads, which seem to be...
  33. G

    Why, oh why, don't many physics programs EDUCATE?

    http://www.newmancause.co.uk/" : Boy, after having obtained a B.S. degree in physics and astronomy from a state university, can I relate to this! My professors never required that I read, e.g., the original classic physics papers that liberal arts students at, e.g...
  34. W

    US & European Universities Offering Graduate Plasma Physics Programs for Fusion

    What are some U.S. & European Universities that have a good graduate program for studying Plasma Physics? I am specifically interested in application to fusion. I know Princeton has the plasma laboratory, but that might be too competitive for me.
  35. S

    Do I have a chance to get into top physics programs?

    Hi, I know such questions have been asked several times in this forum, but it would be a nice guide for me to choose where to apply. I am an Electronics Engineering bachelor student from a university in the middle east that does not have a physics program (and physics programs in my country...
  36. Totalderiv

    What Are the Best Undergrad Physics Programs for a Student with a 3.3-3.5 GPA?

    Hello, I'm currently a junior in high school looking for the best undergrad physics program based off of my grades. Just to give you an idea: GPA: Unweighted: 3.3-3.5 Weighted:Not sure Extracurriculars: Did some research with Physics teacher, and some research with Math teacher...
  37. E

    Good undergrad physics programs

    I'm a high school senior looking into colleges and I'm having trouble picking out good choices for physics programs. I live in Chicago and I'm looking into schools around the Midwest. My record ACT:32 GPA: 94.2 (My school is weird and they don't like the 4.0 scale) My course load is...
  38. C

    Good Physics Programs: Colleges to Apply To

    This has probably been posted a thousand times, but, I'm going to post my stats, class rank, etc. I'm entering my senior year of high school. I posted on here about a year ago, but didn't hang out like i should have. I got distracted by a female. However, I think I can stay here regularly and...
  39. M

    Need advice for high energy physics programs with low GPA but good otherwise

    Top university in my country (Taiwan) Undergrad GPA: 3.3/3.1 overall/major Grad (Master) GPA: 3.5 sGRE: 970 GRE: 580/800/4 v/q/w TOEFL: 112 Publication: 3rd out of 50+ authors in PRL I would like to pursue a PhD in physics, but to do that I'd need to get admitted somewhere first... I...
  40. U

    Health Physics Programs and Career

    Hey, I currently a rising senior in nuclear engineering at Georgia Tech, but I've recently been thinking about going more into a career in health physics. What are some good programs in health physics? Would grad school in nuclear be a better option than getting an HP degree? Any thoughts...
  41. H

    Admissions Applying undergraduate physics programs

    Hi, I'm applying undergraduate physics programs, and I want to ask your opinion on where you would go among the schools I'm considering to apply. The program (physics) is obviously my priority concern. Other than that, maybe the area; beautiful town, campus, and so on (I really wanted to apply...
  42. V

    Do These Focased Physics Programs Seem Beneficial?

    Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for anyone willing to help me make this decision. My school offers some options with the physics major supposedly designed to enable students to be more ready to join the workforce after college. As this is my plan, I am trying to get some...
  43. G

    Schools How are physics programs in Pa universities?

    How are the following college for physics programs Penn State, Widener, Drexel, Blooms burg, and Carnegie Mellon University. Are there any other good colleges for physics major in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia area.
  44. D

    Some good undergraduate Physics programs?

    Hello. I'm a senior, just now in the midst of applying to schools for my undergrad. This is, thus far, my list (sans Caltech and MIT, both of which rejected me for early apps) as separated into three tiers based on how I'd judge my chances: Reach Columbia Princeton Carnegie Mellon Match...
  45. V

    Comparing Engineering and Physics Programs at this School

    Hey guys, I know this school has a great reputation for its engineering department, but does anyone know about its physics department? Trying to decide between this school and the various UCs. Anybody have an opinion on which school is better for undergrad physics?
  46. S

    Undergraduate physics programs

    hey everyone, I'm currently applying for college right now and I need some guidance as to which schools are stronger than others in terms of education, research opportunities, etc. Can someone give me some kinda ranking for college physics programs? thanks
  47. F

    Schools Undergraduate rankings of colleges' physics programs?

    I'm searching for colleges to apply to right now, and I think a good place to start would be to see how different colleges compare with respect to their physics programs. I don't know whether or not I want to specialize in engineering or physics yet, so colleges that are strong in both areas...
  48. F

    Any night or online physics programs?

    I am currently a semi-professional who works as a technician with an associates degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology (it's what my dad told me to do). I have next to no interest in the hands on aspect of the field and have on my own free time studied quantum mechanics and some...
  49. B

    Can You Pursue a Medical Physics Program Without a Physics Background?

    Hi, could someone tell me about Vanderbilt, Duke, Georgia Tech MS programs. How hard is it to get in, if you're not a physics major? Should you take physics gre for any of these programs(would it help if your gpa sucks)? How about mcat? Can any of these programs be completed in 1year? If you...
  50. K

    Best Physics Programs for Earth Simulation w/ Magnetics

    OK, I have developed a theory and I wish to test it before I begin making a mock model of my experiment. In order to do this, I need a robust program, and I am hoping somebody has an idea of what programs I can use! Basically the program must be able to simulate earth. At the same time i need...